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Thoughts on Bothies

Two recent pieces on bothies has set me thinking about these basic shelters and just how important they are in the story of hillgoing. Mountaineer and mountain rescue expert @HeavyWhalley has written an interesting piece here.

In praise of snowshoes

Today was my first day out in unbroken snow in the hills this winter. I took snowshoes as I knew from reports that the snow was quite deep high up and walking could be arduous....

Navigation Skills: Guaging Distance

When teaching navigation some of the biggest errors I see arise from people either walking too far or not far enough to their target. This blog describes non-GPS techniques, like pacing and timing. With practice these techniques can give…

Navigation Skills: Strategy

Navigation strategy is about devising an effective plan to find a target. Walking in a straight line to your target in one leg can be effective when the distances are small and or when the feature you are navigating to is large and obvious;…

Shouting from my shed – 38

Konnichi wa. I’m madly chasing a (self-imposed) book deadline and therefore what better thing to do than distract myself by taking the time to share ten golden nuggets with you.

Snow arrives in Strathspey

Last night snow fell. Today the world is white. There have been light snow showers before this autumn but they thawed within a few hours, temporary glimpses of winter. This snow has stayed.