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Bridgedale Storm waterproof socks

New range is available in three lengths and weights


Bridgedale, has introduced its first 100 per cent waterproof sock range, called Storm.

Developed to provide wet weather protection and day long comfort, it combines Bridgedale’s FusionTech with a HydroTech Waterproof, Breathable and Windproof membrane.

It is the brand’s first 100% Waterproof sock range. Using the latest production processes, the Storm sock combines advanced yarn technology with progressive design to create a waterproof,  breathable and windproof  sock.

The next-to-the-skin inner sock, made from up to 60 per cent Merino Wool, combines with wicking synthetic fibres to deliver a stable temperature and move moisture from the skin’s surface. The lining features a terry loop underfoot cushion that extends around both the toes and over the heel to ensure comfortable feet in wet conditions.

The sock is available in three lengths: Ankle: fitting just above ankle bone, this length is designed for running or walking in wet conditions Boot: designed to fit around the middle of the calf, keeps the lower leg warm and dry and can be paired with waterproof trousers or gaiters to prevent water ingress at the top. Boot length is ideal for mountaineering, hillwalking and mountain biking. Knee: giving full lower leg coverage and protection, for wading through streams or rivers or running or riding in shorts when the weather turns colder.

The three weights available are: Lightweight: Close fitting and designed for activities where maximum breathability and minimum insulation is required.  Midweight; with a terry cushioned footbed and ankle for outdoor activities where a good balance of warmth and breathability is required, and Heavyweight, which has full terry cushioning throughout for cold weather activities such as winter walking, hiking and biking.

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