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EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018: Best New Brand

Family-run firm makes a range of healthy outdoor meals with strong branding


The winner of this year’s Excellence Award for Best New Brand is…. Firepot Food


The Entry

Firepot meals are a range of healthy, delicious dehydrated meals designed to be eaten on outdoor adventures. They are lightweight (from 110g); quick to cook (add hot water to the bag and wait 15 minutes); available in regular and extra-large portions (510kcal-950kcal), and only use locally-sourced ingredients — no artificial preservatives, no palm oil, no high salt levels — so they taste like real home cooking.

FP46-crop.jpgWhy should we win best new brand?
  1. We fill a much-needed hole in the expedition industry. Our food refuses to short-change the consumer on our three principles of a good meal in the wild: natural flavour (no chemicals), ethics (compostable packaging and local food sourcing), utility (lightweight and high calorie).
  2. We cater to everyone. Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, FODMAP diets, keto, half-portions, double-portions. If our meals don’t already fit a dietary requirement, we make bespoke menu plans: we’ve cut all sugar from meals, swapped onions for cabbage, removed beans, celery, fruit and more.
  3. We’re trying to help the planet. All our customers can buy their meals in fully compostable pouches at no extra cost. The food needs to be cooked in a pan, but it means the packaging can be added to the compost. We’re working towards a solution where packaging can be compostable and support in-the-bag cooking.ISC41-crop.jpg
  4. Our food has already been to the most extreme places on earth: Everest, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gobi Desert, the Sahara, Antarctica, the Arctic, a space habitat, Denali, Baffin Island and more. Always on real trips with real explorers.
  5. We really care: Firepot was born out of a genuine desire to improve the expedition industry. We’re a family-run company based in rural Dorset, and as adventurers ourselves, know the importance good food has on energy and morale. It seems other people agree: search #fuelledbyfirepot to see our support, driven by real users with no ‘paid’ marketing.

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