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Isbjörn expands online presence in North America


Outdoor kidswear brand, Isbjörn of Sweden, is opening its webshop in the US and Canada from June 2020 –  the first time North American customers have been able to purchase Isbjörn products.

The webshop will give shoppers the chance to experience its range of sustainable outdoor clothing and accessories for their children for the first time, with features such as grow cuffs, which add 3cm to arms and legs of garments, and clothing made from sustainable materials that are designed to last. Each product is made to grow with each child, before being handed down to younger siblings or friends to continue to the product lifecycle.

The online store will also feature Isbjorn’s AI chatbot named Bernard, who has managed to reduce the brand’s European web returns by more than 50 per cent since October 2019. Bernard will guide US customers through various sizes and garments, making the decision-making process straightforward and more accurate.

Maria Frykman, Founder and CEO of Isbjörn of Sweden, commented: “As we receive so many enquiries from parents in North America, it’s fantastic to now be able to offer our products to customers in the US and Canada. It is definitely one of the most pivotal moments for our company, especially at a time when I believe humanity will change and being outdoors will be appreciated more than ever before.”

She continued: “Isbjörn is the antidote to fast fashion – we are a slow lifestyle brand and company. We’ve never compromised on using the best technical yet sustainable materials, such as Bionic Finish Eco, which does not release harmful fluorocarbons into the environment, and PrimaLoft Insulation Eco, made from post-consumer recycled content. We’re looking forward to building long term relationships with our new North American customers, while ensuring young outdoor adventurers experience the most durable and sustainable outdoor gear. They can enjoy skiing and exploring nature in safety and comfort, while looking pretty stylish too!”

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