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New e-commerce offering from Fjallräven


Fjällräven has partnered with Luminos Labs to launch a new digital commerce experience on Episerver which allows Fenix and their brands to launch multiple brands and websites from a single user interface and deliver an enhanced digital experience to its shoppers.

“When Fenix Outdoors AG sought to bring their global business lines – both B2C and B2B channels – together in one digital commerce ecosystem, we knew the challenge would be great,” said Nadir Ali, Head of Digital, Fenix Outdoors. “We chose Episerver to be the backbone of our new digital experience, and together with our partner, Luminos Labs, we successfully launched the new Episerver’s flexibility to manage multiple brands, sites and catalogs across multiple geographies and languages in one seamless, marketer-friendly user interface was a great asset to us as we map out future experience releases in the coming months.”

The new Episerver platform that was implemented for Fjällräven has a strong integration with inRiver as its Product Information Management (PIM) system connecting to their ERP. In addition, an Open-API architecture was created to support a wide array of potential integration needs, scalability, as well as the ability to launch B2B sites in future phases, on one platform that can support both B2B & B2C.

“With customers across the world, we knew that updating our digital presence with a platform for the future would secure our growth trajectory in the outdoor adventure market,” said Ali. “With plans to further integrate our back-end with new ERP, PIM and other platforms, Episerver’s open-API architecture made it an easy decision to cement Episerver as the foundation for future digital success.”

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