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No 481 – Alastair Humphries and his Adventures

A discussion about his recent book My Midsummer Morning


Alastair Humphries is a name probably well known in the UK within outdoor circles and by those who follow professional adventurers.

His CV is quite extensive involving cycling around the world, walking across India, rowing the Atlantic and running across the Sahara to name but a few of his better know exploits.

However as he’s become older his awareness of what Adventure really is has changed and he has begun to question whether bigger is necessarily better.

You may have seen his more recent views extolling the virtues of Micro Adventures popping up in places within various media. It appears to have grabbed the masses as being more relevant to the lives of most people. Little adventures which you can fit into one evening, one day or a few days, which don’t break the bank, but challenge you all the same to overcome your vulnerability and to take (controllable) risks.

In this podcast we discuss his recent book My Midsummer Morning which tells the story of his recent adventure, one where he took his own advice and deliberately placed himself in a very vulnerable situation.

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