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North Face opening Russian front


According to a report published by Russian business daily Vedomosti, the North Face is to open its first store in the region through a  partnership with Inventive Retail Group.

The Moscow-based company already manages the Russian retail operations of brands including Nike, Re:Store and Lego, among others.The first The North Face store in Russia will be a roughly 1,700-square-foot space offering outdoor apparel and footwear for men, women and children, as well as sports and recreational equipment and casualwear.

According to Vedomosti, Inventive Retail Group has plans to open another 10 The North Face stores over the next two years.

The North Face products are currently available at around 150 points of sale in Russia, including Moscow department store TsUM, the Sportmaster retail chain and outdoor specialist Alpindustria, but Russian outdoor fans are yet to be treated to a monobrand store from the label.

And, as pointed out by Inventive Retail Group president Tikhon Smykov, the number of Russians interested in sports and outdoor pursuits is fast growing.

The percentage of Russians who take part in a sporting activity at least once a week has more than doubled over the last 10 years and surpassed 50 per cent in 2019, Infoline Analytics CEO Mikhail Burmistrov told Vedomosti, further highlighting the incentive this shift provides for sportswear and sneaker retailers.

Source: Fashion Network

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