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PETA continues Canada Goose campaign

Canada Douche posters highlight coyote cruelty


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is continuing to pressure Canada Goose over its use of coyote fur on its parka coats.

PETA is plastering Toronto, where Canada Goose is headquartered, with posters calling the firm Canada Douche.

The pressure group said: “PETA hopes that this brazen campaign will persuade shoppers to think for a moment about the coyotes who are wounded in steel traps and then shot, and the geese who are shackled and killed, so that Canada Goose can make money. It’s not too late for people already wearing Canada Goose to shed the skins and for the company to switch to cruelty-free faux fur and feather-free insulation.”

Meanwhile, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, made a statement regarding Polar Bears International’s (PBI) new collection of “PBI Blue” Canada Goose coats, which feature fur from coyotes who have been bludgeoned, strangled, or shot.

“’Humane washing’ has reached a new low,” she said. “Instead of doing everything it can to help polar bears, Polar Bears International (PBI) is moonlighting as a fashion designer for Canada Goose, whose cruel fur-and-feather jackets are spectacles of animal suffering. If PBI truly cared about wildlife preservation, it would extend its empathy to the coyotes who are caught in painful steel traps before being bludgeoned, strangled, or shot to death—all for tacky trim that PETA has long said could easily be replaced with warm and durable faux fur. Accepting Canada Goose’s blood money for 10 years should occasion shame and apologies—not celebration.”

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