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Polartec launching new lighter Power Air fabric


Having launched Power Air in 2018, a fabric that uses a construction technique that enables it to shed at least five times fewer microfibres than other premium fleece fabrics, textile specialist, Polartec is now introducing a lightweight version made from one yarn, that is fully recyclable and has a higher PCR content.

Plastic microfibres are migrating into our oceans, being consumed by plankton and travelling up the food chain.  Scientists still don’t know the full consequences of this on human health but it’s a growing concern, so much so that in 2018 microbeads were banned from health products.

One of Polartec’s projects to address the problem has involved working with Swedish outdoor brand Houdini, to bring the first product made with lightweight Power Air to market in the Houdini Mono Air Houdi.  Comprising 73 per cent recycled plastic content, the fabric works by encapsulating air-trapping fibres (think bubble wrap) that results in an end product that is warm, comfortable and breathable yet sheds at least five times fewer microfibres compared to other premium, mid-layer fabrics.  In addition to its PCR content, the 100 per cent Polyester fabric is also fully recyclable.

Houdini’s Mono Air Houdi is lightweight, warm and can be worn year-round.   Named “Mono” because of the fabric’s one-yarn construction, its low-friction surface is designed for layering in the winter whilst its breathability makes it a useful for slightly warmer climes.  The fit has been inspired by that of the Houdini Power Houdi and features a stretchy slim fit, high collar hood and extended sleeves with thumb loops. Houdini will be launching the Mono Air Houdi at this year’s Winter ISPO and then to market on its website immediately after the trade show.

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