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Silverpoint On the Move with new range

Promises better margins for independents


Silverpoint has launched the new “On The Move” sock range. Including a boot sock, an ankle sock and a no show these high performance socks are made from Climayarn by Schoeller.

Climayarn Soft is a blend of 60% fine merino wool and 40% Polycolon. The merino offers all the advantages of the natural yarn and in combination with the strength and high performance of the polycolon Silverpoint has created the ultimate performance sock. The climayarn has a soft handle for comfort. It is moisture wicking and warms in cold weather while at the same time preventing heat accumulation in warm conditions. The Climayarn is machine washable and dries quicker than other yarns.

The climayarn is EXP treated. EPX stands for “EX-Pollution”, or the avoidance of Pollutants during the anti-felting treatment process. EXP is a revolutionary new process that enables the wool to remain machine -washable without the use of chlorine. This innovation is another step towards ecological sustainability.

Silverpoint’s new “On The Move” socks are made with a very high needle count. This gives a very dense knit and creates excellent cushioning in heel and toe areas. It also makes sure that the socks will keep their shape for a long time. All three models are available in 4 colour ways.

The firm said it has targeted the range at indie retailers, offering a better than usual margin.

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