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A look at the market's latest sleeping accessories


Nothing makes or breaks a camping trip like sleeping conditions. Get a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s walking or climbing you are recharged and ready to go again the next day.

But any number of factors can keep you awake at night when you’re outdoors – the wrong temperature; sunlight streaming in as soon dawn breaks; hard ground; uncomfortable sleeping bag; rubbish tent; insects or all of the above. So, the key, as ever, is equipment, and comfort should be an easy sell for retailers, whatever end of the market you are pitching at. No one wants to have a bad experience outdoors.

Our product selection includes ‘sleep solutions’ from the big-name brands like Snugpak, Cocoon, Summit and Rab encouraging people to spend the £££s to increase the ZZZs.


Comes with a free Snuggy pillow

Snugpak’s British-made Softie 9 is a multifunctional, three season sleeping bag that keeps campers warm in temperatures as low as -5°c (extreme -10°c) – it can also be easily increased to a four season bag by adding a Snugpak liner when needed. It is filled with Snugpak’s exclusive Softie Premier insulation, which traps heat and maximises comfort thanks to it being a finer, softer and more durable insulation. It is lightweight at 1500g, and the micro size pack is just 19 x 21cm when fully compressed. The mummy-style shape is designed for warmth and comfort, and the snugfit hood has an adjustable cord to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, even when the temperature drops. The outdoor green Softie 9 comes with a free Snuggy Pillow. RRP for the Softie 9 is £124.95.

Features a chisel shaped foot for comfort and anti-snag zip.

The Softie Expansion 3 has an RRP of £99.95 and boasts all of the features of a traditional sleeping bag with the added bonus of an Elasticated Expander Panel, which allows users to increase the width for extra space and freedom for movement. The sleeping bags in the Softie Expansion range feature an integrated torch in the hood, which can be removed when needed. The innovative Reflectatherm fabric technology, is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth. It features a chisel shaped foot for extra comfort, an anti-snag zip, as well as clips which can be used to shorten the sleeping bag. Made with Snugpak’s exclusive Softie insulation, the Softie Expansion 3 keeps campers warm in temperatures as low as -5°c (extreme -10°c).

For more information contact 01535 654479 or email

First Ascent

Cocoon has launched new improved range of inflatable Air-core Travel Pillows featuring soft surround corners and a quilted micro fibre face fabric.

Distributed in the UK by First Ascent, the pillows feature a minimal yet premium synthetic fill layer under the face fabric for good breathability and all night long comfort. The Air-core bladder features internal baffles to maintain the pillows shape and an easy to use valve allows the user to customise the level of support. The quilted face fabric adds a touch of luxury without compromise to weight or packability.

The Air-core Hood Shaped Pillow has an RRP of £24.95 and is specifically shaped to fit snugly into the hood of a sleeping bag. Ideal for backpackers and travellers for whom weight is critical but cannot compromise on a good night’s sleep. With an RRP of £34.95 the Air-core “Full Size” Ultralight Pillow is a larger version offering ‘home from home comfort and luxury’.

For more information call 01629 580484 or email


Coleman’s  Comfort Double Airbed is also available in a single format. It has a supportive structure with a Double Lock Valve that prevents you from waking up on the floor with a bad back and a deflated bed. Reinforced PVC also makes it more puncture resistant.

The bed is dual chamber, which means each sleeper can independently control the firmness in the double version. RRP is £39.99 for the double and £29.99 for the single. 

The firm also offers the Extra Durable Raised Double bed, which is lightweight (2.8kg) but durable, and again features the Double Lock Valve. Puncture Guard technology means the beds are 47 per cent more puncture resistant, 25 per cent stronger and 42 per cent lighter than other airbeds. RRP is £109.99.



Summit’s Onesie “wearable sleeping bag” transform levels of comfort during colder months, whether outdoors or indoors. Easy for storage and transportation with a carry sack, the wearable “onesie” sleeping bag easily zips or unzips enabling use of hands and feet whilst keeping them warm. The bag is designed for festival-going, camping or where comfort and movement is a main priority.



The SynMat Ultralite offers comfort and warmth at a minimal weight and packed size. Size M (183 x 52cm) weighs only 450g and offers an R-Value of 3.3 (temp rated -4C). The synthetic microfibre filling is laminated to both upper and lower sides of the mat, eliminating the loss of loft common to synthetic filled sleeping bags. The new ultralight fabrics are designed to be lightweight yet robust; the GripSkin honeycomb pattern coating on the upper surface makes sure you don’t slip off, and gives next-to-skin comfort. It also includes the brilliantly-named Schnozzel Pumpbag which allows you to inflate the mat quickly while preventing humidity from your breath affecting the insulation (it also doubles as a compression stuffsack).
Versa bags are light and compact for summer and hut use. Wide, versatile, and affordable down-filled designs for travellers or backpackers; the foot end opens up completely for comforter use. The Versa 400 uses goose down with 700+ cu in fill power and has a fill weight of 400g, packed weight of 940g and is rated +6 to +1/-14 °C. Double tuck-stitch seams and over-lock stitched fabric edges prevent fraying and increased strength.


Rumpl’s two-person Down Puffy Blanket is packable, water-resistant and machine washable. The range (also available in throw and 1-person sizes) is designed for warm weather summer camping or for an extra layer on top of a sleeping bag. Available in a throw, one-person, and two-person sizes.


The Neutrino Endurance 600 is designed primarily for alpine climbers, for use on bivi ledges, light-weight mountaineering trips or general winter conditions. Features include a down fill weight of 600g in the standard model and 650g in the extra long one. There are three specifications – Comfort which is good to -3°C; Limit down to -9.5°C and Extreme which built for temperatures of -28°C. The filling is fluorocarbon free Hydrophobic Down, developed in conjunction with Nikwax.


Criterion’s range of women’s sleeping bags use Pertex Quantum 52g/m² (Pertex Microlight), and all have a 680+FP of Polish goose down. The bags also include a fleece lined footbox for additional warmth. All of the bags have a 55/45 differential fill with female specific fill pattern and have a suggested max user height of 5′ 9″.  They are currently available with a grey outer and black inner, although this will be changed after July to a red outer and black inner.  The range comprises three models – Criterion Lady 350 – 965g, 0°C, RRP £245;  Criterion Lady 500 – 1100g, -7°C, RRP £275 and Criterion Lady 650 – 1265g, -12°C, RRP £310.

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