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Sympatex improves sustainability credentials


Sympatex has received “2019 Best For The World” B Corp certification for sustainability and environmental friendliness from US-based nonprofit organisation, B Lab

The endorsement, following on from its 2018 B Corp certification, which exemplifies corporate social responsibility, means the Munich-based functional textile specialist now belongs to the top 10 percent of all B Corp certified companies worldwide in recognition of its commitment to environmental responsibility.

It received the award for initiatives such as the wear2wear European industry partnership that it created in order to rapidly close the textile loop, for offering the world’s first climate-neutral membrane and for being a co-developer and signatory of the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

B Lab, which officially certified Sympatex at the end of 2018 as B Corp after a painstaking, multistage audit process. The company’s express goal is to ensure that its business activities not only lead to economic success, but also have a highly positive impact on society and the environment.

“As one of the most recent member of the global B Corp community, we are all the more pleased to be a recipient of the “2019 Best For The World” award in the category of sustainability,” explained Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO of Sympatex Technologies.

“This award not only honors our commitment to closing the textile loop in the apparel industry together with all of our market partners, but serves as a testament to our approach and spurs us to continue to overcome all of the major hurdles in order to be able to put together a sustainable functional textile industry in concert with our partners. We can’t settle with just “The Best For The World”. We want to be “Good Enough For The World”,” adds Fox.

“We’re incredibly proud of this year’s “Best For The World” recipients,” says Anthea Kelsick, Chief Marketing Officer at B Lab. “These inspiring companies represent the type of business models and impact-oriented business strategies that build a new economy, one that is inclusive, regenerative and generates value for all participants, not just for shareholders. To this end, B Corp certified Sympatex Technologies is redefining capitalism and demonstrates that it can really work for everyone.”

A total of 1,000 B Corp certified companies in 44 countries were selected for the “2019 Best For The World” list, including Patagonia, Beautycounter, Dr. Bronner’s, TOMS, Seventh Generation and Greyston Bakery.

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