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Sympatex launches new social media awareness campaign


Following on from the launch of the radical awareness campaign during Outdoor 2018 in Friedrichshafen, Sympatex is now gearing up for a new social media campaign.

The fabric technology specialist is targeting changes to processes in industry and society not only by raising awareness among its market partners in the fashion and outdoor industries, but also by directly addressing consumers.

At the heart of the campaign is the hash tag #IIYH – “It’s In Your Hands.” Via the landing page, consumers will not only be made aware of the environmental damage caused by the textile industry. They will also learn about alternative, more sustainable approaches that are currently available on the market as end products. The underlying motto of the campaign is: “Let’s not wait until the last politician has understood that time is running short.” Or as 15-year-old Greta Thunberg expressed it in Katowice: “You are never too small to make a difference” – it’s in your hands.

On the participation section of the landing page, users will be able to upload an image that demonstrates how they are currently doing something good for the environment. It will highlight choices such as recycling trash, buying regional products, avoiding packaging or extending the life cycle of clothing by repairing it, for example.

Directly after the upload, the user receives a link to the image, which can be shared on social media networks to raise awareness and collect likes. As a special incentive, Sympatex will raffle off a sustainable functional jacket every four weeks from the 100 most-liked images. In the first drawing, consumers will have the chance to win a recycled, climate-neutral Sympatex functional jacket from its partner “bleed organic clothing.”

The campaign will initially be advertised via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During the second phase, awareness will be raised via Pinterest and YouTube. Sympatex developed and implemented the months-long campaign together with the Munich-based agency close2 new media.

“Katowice illustrated that the political dialogue is still making it difficult to effect the necessary changes. Industry can nevertheless ill afford to use this as an excuse for inaction. What’s required is to show courage, move forward and demonstrate that sustainability and economic success are not contradictory goals,” explains Dr. Rüdiger Fox, Managing Director at Sympatex. “We want to use our new social media campaign to intensify the dialogue with consumers. We’re inviting them to join us to become active and make a commitment, regardless of how small the contribution might seem at first. After all, each of us has a responsibility to our children and grandchildren. We must all stand together – the future is in our hands,” adds Fox.

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