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Youth Adventure Trust launches new initiative

Hike Bike Paddle gets industry backing


The Youth Adventure Trust has unveiled a new initiative called Hike Bike Paddle: Snowdonia 2019.

It offers a chance for adventure brands, retailers and other industry professionals to compete in the great outdoors whilst supporting the Youth Adventure Trust charity’s work with vulnerable young people.

Hike Bike Paddle will take place on 30th September 2019 in Snowdonia. Businesses can enter teams of between four and six people who will get the chance to take part in an 18km hike or trail run, 50km off road bike ride and 2km paddle on a self-built raft. Participants can choose to take on the whole challenge, or ‘pick and mix’ within the team. 70 km all in one day in recognition of Britain’s National Parks’ 70th anniversary this year.

The Youth Adventure Trust is a registered charity that has helped thousands of young vulnerable people through its three year outdoor adventure programme which builds resilience, confidence, self-belief and essential life skills – transforming children’s lives.

It is supported by the Outdoor Industries Association, Ellis Brigham, Ordnance Survey and other industry members.

Mark Davey, CEO of the Youth Adventure Trust said: “This is an opportunity for outdoor brands to actually get outdoors and live their straplines. But more than that, it’s a great way to promote wellbeing in the work place, build strong teams, network in the sector and position your brand as one which genuinely believes in the ‘power of the outdoors’ and its ability to turn young people’s lives around, by creating an outdoor legacy for vulnerable young people.”

To enter, each team will be asked to pay £1,950 to cover the cost of all expenses. And then asked to raise £2,000 for the Youth Adventure Trust which will be put towards the cost of one vulnerable young person’s place on the Youth Adventure Programme.

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