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EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018: Lifetime Achievement

Former Rohan founder is recognised for her contribution to the industry and sustainability projects



Sarah started Rohan Designs with her husband, which went onto lead the way is mono-brand stores selling direct to the consumer.

She then came out with tweed in the first instance, progressing onto both using the first fabric as soft-shell and the first lightweight. Multiflex was a Schoeller fabric which was used in SuperStrider mountaineering bottoms as a stretchy bomb-proof windproof & fast drying synthetic; Airlight was a polycotton that went onto form its most iconic garment (which is still in production over 40 years later) – Bags. Rohan were also early users of Goretex and one of their garments made to the top of Everest in 1978 (Messner & Habeler)

After Rohan and after her husband tragically died in a motor vehicle crash, Sarah went onto form an environmental consultancy
When Rohan was brought back from the C&J Clark set up she was asked to document the history of the brand in possibly the first virtual gathering of a brand’s roots in Rohantime
It was Sarah who started the Gift Your Gear project, which first used Rohan as a partner, but has gone on to work with The North Face, Henri Lloyd and Alpkit.
In 2016 GYG won the Gold Outdoor Award presented at the Friedrichshafen exhibition in the Environmental category; she still seems to pop up every time there is an Outdoor award for sustainability”


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