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FIELD TEST: Maglite 150LR


As autumn approaches and the nights start to draw in, a good flashlight is an essential piece of kit for anyone still making the most of spending time outside – whether camping, returning home from those longer hikes or taking the dog for a leisurely stroll.

As flashlights go, the Maglite brand has been a market leader since its introduction over 40 years ago, and is widely used by security firms and law enforcement bodies across the globe.

The company’s latest offering, the ML150LR, is the first to offer illumination over 1,000 lumens (1,082, to be precise) and features a new LED cooling heatsink design. The product won the National Hardware Show’s 2018 American Manufacturing Award for Best New Product, the second year in a row for Maglite.

Designed with first responders in mind, the ML150LR is a lightweight, mid-sized flashlight that operates on a Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery, providing a fast and efficient recharge of just two hours and 30 mins to be fully charged. After this, the battery allows the LED to maintain its full 1,000+ lumens for 80% of its discharge, over three hours, before the LED starts to dim.

A charging cradle is included within the package, along with a mains adaptor and 12V car charging adaptor. The cradle can be wall mounted via two screw holes in the base, with the flashlight fitting snuggly within the cradle and removed by pressing a quick-release button for fast retrieval. Keeping the flashlight within the cradle allows a trickle charge and this automatically switches it off when the full, preventing any overcharge to the battery.

The flashlight itself is very well built and incredibly light, thanks to the aluminium body design. Rubber O-ring seals and switch offer water resistance and protection from unwanted dirt particles and moisture.

Five different operating options are available: Full Power, Low Power, Eco, Momentary On/Off and Strobe (which flashes the light 12 times per second). Each user will have their own preferences when it comes to operating the device and personalisation is possible with three of the five functions programmable to suit individual needs.

The flashlight focus can be changed from Spot to Flood by simply turning the head a quarter turn, with the LED providing a super white beam which is, quite frankly, astonishing. Taking the flashlight out on test we found that the light could produce a beam of light over a distance of 350 – 400 yards.

The ML150LR is an innovative, well-designed, powerful, efficient flashlight that sets the benchmark for other flashlight manufacturers to follow, upholding the brand’s reputation and heritage as the number one choice when it comes to portable  illumination.

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