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HD Wool ties up with Savory Institute


HD Wool and the Savory Institute have launched a new partnership that will bring Land to Market verified regenerative wool to brands and manufacturers across the global wool trade.

HD Wool has evolved out of a business with over 130 years of experience in the wool trading industry, and brings consumer-enhancing components to Land to Market’s list of apparel brands. This will be the first model of regenerative British wool which is committed to supporting producers with a new route to market, whilst providing brands with regenerative sourcing solutions and consumers with dynamic buying choices.

“We provide technical wool insulation for anyone who defines quality beyond what they can see and touch and who are conscious of their environmental impact,” stated Jo Dawson, CEO of HD Wool.

“The partnership with HD Wool is a vital step for Land to Market as we grow our member base and look to provide more turnkey traceable wool solutions for brands,” says David Rizzo, Chief Operating Officer of the Land to Market program. “We have been working closely with HD Wool and the Savory Institute hub, 3LM, for nearly two years to formalise this partnership, so getting to this point is a considerable milestone in scaling the program and accelerating more verified regenerative supply into the marketplace.”

As a member of the Land to Market program, HD Wool is investing in capacity growth and aligning with partners on shared values, whether that be through an ability to segregate wool types, working with processors, or maintaining attributes through the value chain. In return, Land to Market is connecting HD Wool to wool producers with verified regenerative landscapes––backed by the empirical evidence of Ecological Outcome Verification, Savory

Institute’s peer-reviewed land monitoring protocol that has been deployed on two million acres worldwide.

HD joins a roster of other brands in the Land to Market program, including Eileen Fisher, Timberland and the Kering Group. Together, these commitments to verified regenerative sourcing are intended to spark a new era for textiles that pushes beyond sustainability and embraces grazing methods that help sequester carbon, store water, increase biodiversity and regenerate the planetary ecosystem we all depend on.

“HD Wool is solving the need of the apparel market to innovate with natural, microplastic-free active insulation with the essential benefit of regenerative sourcing,” added Jo Dawson. “This helps global outdoor and fashion brands to give their customers the purchasing power to make positive changes for their local landscapes and producers.”

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