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Ledlenser launches new flagship rechargeable

MH11 features Bluetooth connectivity


Ledlenser has added to its extensive range of outdoor adventure and sports headlamps with a new flagship model – the rechargeable MH11.

This will be the first headlamp in the series incorporating Bluetooth connectivity enabling it to be controlled and personalised via a “Ledlenser Connect” app. The app, available on both iOS and Android, provides the ability for users to set up to six individual light profiles to suit needs, as well as set timer, interval and SOS signals or activate the integrated automatic dimming Opti-sense Technology. Users who like to read before bed can use the slow-dim function to turn the light off after a certain time for battery-saving use when camping.

In Boost mode the MH11 will deliver 1000 lumens and in Power Mode 750 lumens. Each one of these lumens provide what Ledlenser calls an “Optimised Lumen Advantage” as they combine raw lumen power with precision German engineering and patented Advanced Focusing Optics to deliver flood (near) or spot (distance) illumination. An additional RGB LED also provides light in red, green or blue and two energy usage modes allow the MH11 to be optimised for either run time (Energy Saving Mode) or brightness (Constant Current Mode).

The head can be easily removed from the headband so that the light instantly becomes a hand-held torch. Secondly, recharging is via a magnetic contact charger on the lamp casing which ensures that there is never the need to remove batteries from the casing to be recharged. The charging cable and the contact charger connect instantaneously and without any fuss.

Embedded battery indicators help users keep track of how much battery charge is available in use and, whilst recharging, they indicate how much of the battery has yet to be charged.

Paresh Ruparelia, Ledlenser’s UK head of marketing, said: “The MH11 is truly worth of a flagship model headlamp. Seriously powerful illumination, state-of-the-technologies, a host of useful features and all backed by a 7-year with registration warranty for complete peace of mind, ensures that this headlamp will become the light of choice for any adventurer or sporting enthusiast where quality, reliable light is essential “


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